The artisan way

Through centuries of refinement, Europeans developed the most flavorful and safest ways to preserve meat, without man-made chemicals. From Barolo Salami in Italy to Jamon Iberico in Spain, fine charcuterie is a European staple.

Purest Meat

Pets have long enjoyed these snacks from their loving owners, now EuroPet brings your beloved pets the best
of European tastes and smells with the purest meats.  Freeze drying these amazing treats we do not need to use preservatives, fillers or colorings.

A european Taste

Finding and partnering with the sources for the same meats and cheeses we savored, your dog will appreciate the artisan-quality, smell and taste of our truly European treats.


After a long day at work or a tiring trip, we open the door, and there they are, wagging their tails so vigorously it looks like they might take off! Their eyes sparkle with unadulterated joy, and a symphony barks, kisses, and playful leaps follow. In that instant, any stress or weariness we might be carrying vanishes, replaced by an indescribable sense of love. It's as
if they have been eagerly awaiting our return all day.

At EuroPet we make it a point to show our appreciation for this daily dose of unconditional love in a way that speaks to both their heart and taste buds. We offer a delightful array of artisan meats and cheeses to nourish your furry family’s body and soul. These treats aren't just food; they are tokens of our affection and care and indulge their senses with flavors that any omnivore would adore.